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The Blue Freedom Difference  Fundraising Toolkit Comparison to Other Fundraising Programs
Fundraising Fruits and Sausages

Every year we help hundreds of non-profits, schools, FFA (Future Farmers of America) Chapters, and many other organizations to increase your fundraising profits, while reducing the need for you to deal with the poor quality, inaccurate shipping and repackaging of bulk orders. 

We offer you Premium Quality Products, which we then Individually Hand Sort and Hand Pack the day before we ship your order. 

We give you ...

  • Premium products that are easy to sell
  • Repeat customers that look forward to you contacting them.
  • More money for you with less effort.

You no longer have to  ...

  • Arrange for supplies and organize days for volunteers to repackage bulk shipments before they're delivered to your clients.
  • Repackage bulk fruit shipments while throwing away low quality or spoiled fruit.
  • Notify your supplier of reorders for replacement products and delaying delivery until the replacements are received.
  • Suffer returns and loss of repeat sales from customers unhappy with the quality of the products they received.

The Blue Freedom Difference

Premium Quality

We are fanatics about the quality of our products.

  • Each year we taste and test fruit from multiple regions and multiple suppliers, because quality varies by year and region.
  • After selecting our premium suppliers for a season, we work very closely with them to ensure that your fruit has been picked under the very best conditions.
  • After we receive our fruit, we then individually evaluate each piece of fruit before sending it to you to make sure it meets our premium standards. 

Superior Selection

We offer 3 Premium Fundraising Programs. Select just one program, or increase your sales by offering your customers a wider selection from multiple programs.


Superior Service


Fundraising Toolkit



Tally Sheets

  • Individual Sales
  • Organizational Summary - Login to your customer area to download. Or, Contact Us to receive a copy.


Comparison of Fundraising Processes

Blue Freedom

  1. Contact Us to receive your printed Fundraising Toolkit of brochures, tally sheets and other marketing materials.
  2. Begin your marketing campaign.
  3. Fax, Email, or call in your order totals with your requested delivery date.  Or, request a login to manage your order online.
  4. Receive your fresh shipment of premium quality products and your invoice.
  5. Distribute your customer's orders.
  6. Enjoy the profits from your efforts.

Buying Bulk

  1. Contact your vendor to order brochures, tally sheets and other marketing materials.
  2. Begin your marketing campaign.
  3. Fax, Email, or call in your order totals. Add 10%-15% to your ordered quantity to allow for spoilage.
  4. Wait for your vendor to determine a delivery date.
  5. Vendor contacts you with your delivery date .
  6. Order your supplies.
  7. Schedule your volunteers.
  8. Receive your shipment.
  9. Repackage your shipment to match your customer's orders while removing low quality products.

    (9A) Contact the vendor for replacements of poor quality products.
    (9B) Inform customers of delays.

  10. Distribute your customer's orders.

    (10A) Receive replacement products
    (10B) Package and distribute replacement products.

  11. Enjoy the profits from your increased efforts.